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The power of

to address the eye care needs of our masses, We continue to innovate with young minds under the brand MII Ret Cam Inc.

The Story

Dr Sharma felt that smartphone technology that has made the world so small can be utilized in eye care. With excellent teamwork, he came up with his first innovation in 2015 as MII Ret Cam which is a portable fundus imaging device. At present MII Ret Cam is serving and making a difference in 48 countries. 

MII Ret Cam overcomes multiple shortcomings of existing fundus cameras. 


  1. It overcomes the cost factor. Almost all the current fundus cameras come at exuberant prices that makes it unaffordable for most young ophthalmologists, especially those working in rural areas of any country.

  2. It overcomes a major flaw of most fundus cameras in that they are unable to image the peripheral retina. Our MII Ret Cam has this major advantage.

  3. Our device being portable, overcomes the difficulty of current fundus cameras in their inability to be used in neonates, infants and toddlers. MII Ret Cam being very handy can be very helpful in dealing with paediatric retinal imaging including ROP.


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The Mission Continues

Moving forward in 2018, The team was joined by an enthusiastic resident Dr Nilesh Kumar who came up with the idea of Smartphone based angle imaging and we have designed the world's first smartphone based gonio-imaging device called DIGS-PRO which was commercialized in 2020. 


At present, we are working on our dream product called Retinal Imaging Glasses- Sharmas (RIGS) that could be the realistic solution for the prevention of diabetic blindness. Furthermore, we are coming up with an innovative approach for the prevention of blindness under diabetic blindness free india (DBFI) initiative. (    


We at MII Ret Cam Inc hope to brings these cost effective revolutionary products that can change the way we practice eye care and help millions of people from going blind in this country and beyond.

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